Grow Wild has a vocabulary all its own! Here are a few fun terms to help us Laugh and Learn!

In no particular order:

  • Nature Gardening: 70% Native Plants
  • Learn & Laugh: NO mistakes, only learning opportunities
  • Grow No Harm: No invasive plants
  • Growing Pains: An Epic Failure to Laugh and Learn about when sharing with friends!
  • Sprouting Success:  A Shared Celebration of something that went really well in your project
  • Start Small, Think BIG: Having an adjustable plan, but implementing the plan gradually, in stages
  • Green Glacier’ or ‘Green Avalanche’:  An Aggressive Evergreen –possibly Native– but does not ‘play well with others’.
  • Yum: A non-invasive food or nectar producing plant for People and the Wild–Not Native
  • Double Yum:  A Native plant with edible products for BOTH People–And the Wild!
  • Re-Weed:  Renaming a Native plant with “Weed” in the Common Name.  IE: Butterfly Weed is now Monarch’s Delight (Doug Tallamy’s name of Choice)
  • Habitat Heap:  Any shape of piled or stacked recycled branches, brush, yard waste for natural protection and wildlife support
  • Gardening Artisans:A team of volunteers who create Nature garden themed artworks
  • Make This Space Better: A stop at any ‘Grow Wild’ site where you improve the site. Pick up trash, pull known weeds, check on plants
  • 5 minute Pick-Up Anywhere: Literally 5 minutes! Set your timer, snap a before photo, snap an after photo! You will be amazed at what 5 minutes accomplishes!