Plant Sale

***Our pre-order sale ended March 31, 2021.  We are no longer accepting orders for 2021, but check back in February 2022 for our next sale.***

Click here to download a spreadsheet of the native plants we offered in 2021, their attributes, and their cultural preferences  (moisture, sun exposure, height, bloom color, soil type, etc).  And here’s a pdf guide on how to interpret the spreadsheet, as well as other helpful information to consider when preparing your space.

Questions?  Email us @  LoessHillsWildOnes

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IF you’re wondering what’s typically available on our Plant Sale, here’s our 2021 species and price sheet (just for reference):

 2021 Native Plant Sale Order form (PDF) 

Although you don’t need to be a Wild Ones Member to order, Members receive a ~ 15% discount.  Not a Member? Join Us! 

Pick up plants in Sioux City, Iowa the weekend of May 15, 2021.  The location and directions will be provided by email in early May.

Attention Siouxland Organizations:   Nonprofits, schools, churches, community centers, public gardens, and parks are encouraged to apply to receive  75% discount on a tray of native plants.


Plant Photos and Information:


Fact Sheets on Trees/ Shrubs:

Common Ninebark (PDF)

Downy (Common) Serviceberry (PDF)

American Hazelnut (PDF)

Bur Oak (PDF)