“In any gardening experience it’s like roads that you take. You try this, and it leads you to that. There’s some book learning involved, some things you hear from people. It’s a journey that you are embarking on, on your own. It’s the joy of discovering something! In gardening, there’s always something more to learn.”
–Craig LeHoullier


Wild Ones Native Garden Design Website

Regional Invasive Species List

Salt Tolerant Natives for driveways and roads


Resources from Homegrown National Park (All regions)


Iowa Native Plant Society


Tall Grass Prairie Plant Iowa Native


Blank Park Zoo–Plant.Grow.Fly. (Iowa)


Tall Grass Prairie Center Roadsides (Iowa)


Tall Grass Prairie Center Iowa


Gardens for Finch, Butterfly,Hummingbird, Frog Pond,Rain Garden
(Excellent printable guide from Missouri Conservation)


Xerces Pollinator Friendly Plants (All regions)


Monarch Joint Venture (Minnesota)


Grow Native (Missouri)

Pollinator Pockets-University of Illinois Extension


Blooming Prairie Nursery (Iowa)


Agregol Native Seed & Plant Nursery

Prairie Moon Nursery(Minnesota)


Prairie Nursery (Wisconsin)